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Ancestral Health and Health Coaching

What is Ancestral Health?

Ancestral health refers to our genetic makeup developed over thousands of years. Our genes are designed for us to enjoy vibrant health – but the challenges of modern life have caused us to override the expression of those genes, making us unwell. By eating the modern versions of the types of foods our ancestors enjoyed, and avoiding processed and grain containing foods, we can enjoy good health as well.

Paleo? Primal? What's the difference?

"Paleo" and "Primal" are both Ancestral Health concepts. Dr. Loren Cordain developed the Paleo diet concept, applying ancestral health principles to today's diet. 

The Primal health concept was developed by Mark Sisson, applying ancestral health principles to the health and wellness field. A key difference is that Primal is a lifestyle, not just a diet plan - it incorporates stress management, fitness and sleep into a comprehensive program to optimize one's overall health.

Our Health Coaching Approach

Our health coaching approach is designed to: 

  • Teach clients to use diet and exercise as our genes intended in order to enjoy optimal health
  • Work with clients to build action plans based on their goals and preferences – and help them to monitor their progress. The coach provides both support and accountability for following the program
  • Support clients in each step of their journey!

Meet the Health Coach

Heather is a chemist by training, and a lifelong student of diet plans-she never met one she didn’t try! After many years of yo-yo dieting she finally found success with the Primal health lifestyle, losing over 30 pounds in the process. As a scientist, she appreciated the scientific principles behind the Primal diet plan and how it activates our genes to promote optimal health. After several years of self-study about Primal/Paleo health principles, she completed the Primal Health Coach certification and opened her business, The Paleo Diet Coach.

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